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Mulch orders for 2022 are open now!
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Mulching Tips:

How Much Do I Buy?

Calculate how much mulch you need by measuring the square footage of each landscape bed you’ll cover (factor each area by multiplying the width and length). A good rule of thumb is to plan on covering the ground with 2 inches of mulch.

Prepare the Area

While mulch helps prevent new weeds, it won’t help you control the ones that are already there. Make sure to pull existing weeds beforehand and follow up with a preemergent herbicide.

Spread the Mulch

Spread mulch in your garden area, leaving several inches between the mulch and the base of each plant. Piling mulch against a plant or tree can encourage disease or pest damage. Be careful to spread mulch evenly – areas where the mulch is too thin won’t prevent weeds or retain moisture.

Water it Down

Give your newly mulched area a gentle watering. Providing moisture will prevent the mulch from blowing away, and maintaining consistent moisture will keep your mulch looking fresh and in place.